Goose Hunting With Decoys

People who hunt waterfowl have used snowgoose decoys to help lure birds into their range for centuries. Goose decoys now are quite popular and many waterfowl hunters have at least a few of them. If you have a few yourself and hunt waterfowl you’re certain to understand how useful they are able to be, yet then they’re quite worthless should you not understand how to use your goose decoys. Here is a guide to help you use your goose decoys the proper method to ensure you have good luck during the coming season.

First of all, you use different ones at different times and should combine upward your decoys. Make an attempt to make or get more if you just have one decoy. It’d be best to get different types of waterfowl and fowl. You’ll likely need other kinds of geese and perhaps several geese at the same time while the Mallard is the most popular. They’re more likely to land within your shotgun range if geese see there are different kinds of fowl under and they all seem content and relaxed.

Whether you should use less or more of the decoys actually depend upon where you’re. If you needed to for larger regions, like lakes, it is possible to use up to a dozen decoys. Eight or six would be the best amounts for regions that are big. For smaller places, like ponds and wooded places that are significant, you should keep your decoys to a smaller amount. It’s implied that you simply use two or one in these kinds of positions. Most geese travel either in pairs or in big flocks, as you likely know. You are going to hardly find a waterfowl unless it continues to be left behind.

One of the best bits of advice that can be given to a waterfowl hunter learning to use decoys is positioning. Should you be in a wetland area that is big and you happen to be hunting from the coast it’s best that you put your decoys upwind out of your hunting blind. This will make it where your decoys are the geese have to fly past you to land. This setup will give the birds something to keep their focus on instead of finding you, the hunter, waiting for them to enter the place that is proper, and it makes the perfect time for an opportunity that is great.