E Cigarette Myth Debunked

Maybe you have been smoking e cigs for some time or about to give up smoking by using e cigs. Well, I will be positive you have to have heard mixed reviews about the utilization of e cigarettes. There are constantly folks out there that can deter the use of e cigarettes or frighten you seeing its risks.

As critics have existed since the start of time well, it’s no surprise. Many people revel in picking out negative aspects of everything simply for the sake of discussion and are simply suspicious by nature. Sometimes, there’s not even adequate research to back the claims up, but nevertheless they can be made.

These are a few of the myths that have become evident lately involving the utilization of e cigs. Have a look and determine for yourself whether they’re real facts or myths.

You Happen To Be Taking In Antifreeze

A fascinating argument that you will come across is in line with the fact vapors that are inhaled are antifreeze. It is a fairly feeble argument which isn’t backed by any facts that are sound. For people that give such a statement to you, it’s best to treat them like a school child who passes it on by adding another fib or two and hears a rumor.

It’s a fact the vapor in e cig comprises a cheap e juice called propylene glycol that’s usually found in antifreeze. But why it’s used, isn’t understood to most. Therefore it is essential to get your facts right. In case it’s consumed the reasons why propylene glycol is used is primarily to prevent the vapor from becoming fatal. So, it can be used for the precise reverse reason for which it had been said to be properly used. It’s safe instead it can be used to keep you.